About Me

So, who is the Olí Kodger anyway? Well, the nickname comes from the early web days and the original genealogy group I ran.
I noticed that some on the fledgling web had sort of nicknames or street names if you will so I decided I wanted one too and itís basically stuck.
Picked codger because it sort of fit how I viewed myself (look it up eh!) but needed to make it mine so I changed it and used Kís instead.
Back then I didnít realize that it was an actual surname of course and was quite surprised to get queries about how I was related to them*oops*.
Others I view as Olí Kodgerís are my Grandfather on my Motherís side Albert Boniface, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Albert Einstein and so on.
Kinda figure Iím in a pretty good club in an egotistical sort of way*wink*.

Almost forgot, my real name is Steve Everitt and you can find me on Facebook or Twitter or via email at steve.everitt at gmail.com