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Crazy Retired Englishman's Weakly

    Yes, not really that happy with the selfie up there in the corner, will need to make a better one at some point I reckon. Changed it, happy with that one for now. Anyway, this is where I intend to write up a storm as they say and will no doubt be the proverbial work in progress. Now that I'm retired I can truly do whatever I want for a change, say whatever I want and write whatever I want, and actually have the time to do it. I'm going to put myself out there as a freelance writer so if you want to hire me or use something I've already written contact me. If you want to donate something to the cause feel free as I certainly don't expect to make a fortune doing this and being on a fixed income and all it'll no doubt be a struggle. Waited years to say that 'fixed income' thing now finally I can*smile*. The real trick of course will be to actually write something that people want to read and it will take time to get my sea legs I'm sure.
Old Retired Englishman's Weakly
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